Principal Designer

CDM 2015

Taking overall responsibility for planning, managing and monitoring Health and Safety


Boon Brown adopts a holistic approach to the role of the Principal Designer and the reduction of health and safety risk. We have successfully carried out the role of Principal Designer as required under the Construction Design and Management regulations on a wide range of construction projects. We have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to ensure full compliance with the regulations for our clients, regardless of the size or complexity of the construction project.

Our Principal Designer services are tailored to suit our clients’ business needs whilst ensuring compliance with the CDM regulations and industry best practice.

Our professional Principal Designer services to our clients include:

  • Assisting the client to develop their initial brief
  • Planning, managing and monitoring the co-ordination of the pre-construction phase
  • Assisting our clients to identify, obtain and collate the pre-construction information
  • Providing pre-construction information to designers, principal contractor and contractors
  • Co-ordinating significant health and safety issues through to resolution with the design team
  • Ensuring that designers comply with the duties assigned to them under CDM 2015 and co-operate with each other
  • Undertaking design review meetings
  • Liaising with the principal contractor for the duration of our appointment
  • Supporting the principal contractor in seeking and obtaining responses to health and safety queries from designers
  • Agreeing a format and compiling the statutory health and safety file for formal handover to our client at project completion
  • Communicating our progress to our client and keeping them appraised of potential health and safety issues