Client :

ADM Protexin Ltd

Location :

Lopen Head | Somerset

Description :

58,000 sq ft industrial units for B1,B2 and B8 uses

The first phase of development for ADM Protexin Ltd was completed in early 2010 with the opening of a new 15,000 sq ft manufacturing building. ADM Protexin Ltd manufacture animal and human welfare ‘probiotics’ within a clean room environment. The accommodation is housed within a conventional but bespoke steel frame design with high level cellular compartmentation for the manufacturing process. All internal surfaces are specified to a food hygiene standard and are durable to withstand the forklift traffic that facilitates internal distribution. A complex fire risk strategy was required to satisfy Building Regulations because of the high percentage of airborne dust particles found within the atmosphere from the powders used in the manufacturing process. The layout within the cleanrooms are designed to ensure a good workflow for both the products and personnel to prevent cross-contamination.