Much to his surprise, Shaun has acted in a Public and Private capacity for 28 years.

After graduating in Town Planning from South Bank Polytechnic as the lead student in his year and receiving 7 prizes (including Drivers Jonas Prize for law and Youngs Brewery Prize for Social Student of the Year), he went on to present his Prize Paper on “Environmental Planning” to the Town and Country Planning Association National Conference. He was never academically minded but just liked to win and found out along the way that he loved Town Planning with its heady mix of environment, politics, social engineering and beer. A subject where nobody is ever right but a belief in a better world is essential. Ahhhh the hazy years of academia!

He began his career in the real world in central London with Town Planning Consultancy (now RPS) under the tutelage of John Rhodes OBE, acting for Sainsburys, Ikea, Homebase and a range of residential developers. A sense of adventure led him to leave TPC and take up the role of Regional Planner for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago where he found himself in charge of development for the capital city, oil and gas refineries, tourism and, of course, some of the best beaches in the world.

On his return to the UK, he worked for the London Borough of Camden, Mason Richards in Bristol (also now RPS), as a freelance consultant to the Govt of Trinidad and Tobago, Sedgemoor District Council and then South Somerset District Council as the Area South Planning Manager.
It was at South Somerset Council where he gained a respect for the professional integrity of Boon Brown and its design acumen. A few years later he was invited to join Boon Brown as Planning Director, a post he was very proud to take up.

He has been with Boon Brown for 12 years now and has steadily built a reputation amongst clients and Planning Officers for honest unbiased advice and a holistic understanding of town planning. Shaun has an in-depth knowledge, insight and respect for local authority process that he uses to full advantage in the promotion of all types of development. His professional work includes strategic land promotion and the preparation, submission and management of planning applications and appeals. Whilst at Boon Brown he has delivered planning permission for over 2000 residential units, 300,000 ft2 of commercial space, 200 + retail units, hotel accommodation, a fire station, a mosque, exceptional private and agricultural residences and solved numerous lawful conundrums.

• Yetminster;

• Waterfalls;

• Terminal 5;

• The Round House, Lopen

• Weymouth Fire Station;

• Haynes Hotel;

• Roehrig Hotel

Shaun believes in planning and has a personal drive to assist clients in delivering quality projects, providing housing for all, helping businesses grow and of course making the world a better place!