Haynes Motor Museum


Haynes International Motor Museum


Sparkford, Somerset


Motor museum extension and refurbishment


2015 RICS SW Awards | Winner in ‘Tourism & Leisure’ category

2014 The International Historic Motoring Awards | Winner of ‘Museum of the Year

The Haynes International Motor Museum contains one of the world’s most extensive heritage car collections in an eclectic mix of industrial buildings.

The purpose of the development was to extend the facility to provide a new, exciting and relevant external presence to this important national visitor centre.

New entrance foyer, shop, restaurant, offices and conference suites are provided behind the sweeping colourful facade whilst new exhibition halls are contained in a black clad box acting as a ‘book end’ to the elevation.

The design has completely transformed the facade and created an exciting building which attracts visitors whilst creating a memorable experience for those enjoying the museum.