The Artist’s Map

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Nadine Richards
Nadine Richards

Nadine is an Office Manager at BoonBrown with a passion for creativity and engineering. She has a keen interest in applying design thinking and problem-solving skills to create innovative solutions for various challenges and opportunities. She is motivated by learning new things, collaborating with others, and making a positive impact.

After countless hours of meticulous sketching, ‘The Artists’ Map,’ a centrepiece of our LFA exhibition, is finally complete! ┬áMeasuring approximately 2m x 2m with 289 individual squares, this monumental project has surpassed our expectations, beautifully capturing the essence of our original vision.

Each square has been thoughtfully placed, showcasing various aspects of London, including buildings, landscapes, memorials, roads, and, of course, the river. ┬áThis arrangement invites viewers to guess the locations depicted, adding an element of discovery. Embracing the theme ‘Reimagine,’ we encouraged our team and collaborators to experiment with their artistic interpretations, posing questions such as: How would this detail look if altered? Can it be drawn from a different perspective? Or simply, how would it appear in your unique style? This collaborative approach has resulted in a diverse and captivating piece of art, reflecting our distinct perceptions of the world.

River Thames by C.Rose
Houses in Lambeth by A.Baggley
Mary Seacole Statue by J. Tsang

The experience of nurturing everyone’s drawing skills and playing a game of identifying individual styles has been immensely rewarding. The vast number of drawings ensures that even after multiple viewings, new details continue to emerge. Personally, this journey has bolstered my confidence and taught me the value of embracing my unique abilities without comparison.

Here are a few reflections from those who participated in the process:

Dan Dymond
Dan Dymond

I’ve always found free-hand sketching to be an incredibly powerful tool for analysis. It requires breaking down scenes into shapes, proportions, tones, and textures. Sketching various places and buildings has allowed me to discover new areas of London and see familiar ones in a fresh light.

Armando Delgado
Armando Delgado

Returning to sketching was not only fun but also an educational experience, revealing many parts of London I hadn’t seen. This office project united us, fostering teamwork and skill-sharing. It was a fantastic collective effort!

Shanice Natalia
Shanice Natalia

Collaborating on the collective drawing map with the team was a dynamic and enjoyable experience. It blended our diverse perspectives on London into a vibrant visual that both we and our visitors can appreciate.

Our exhibition will remain on display in the coming weeks, and ‘The Artists’ Map’ will have a permanent place on our wall. We warmly invite you to visit and explore our work. Please drop by and see us!

Tunstall Hall, Bernay’s Grove
London SW9 8DF

10am – 4pm

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