Conifer Primary School


Dorset County Council


Weymouth, Dorset


New primary school

Conifers Primary School is a new primary school whose design creates a strong architectural form whilst incorporating a flexible learning environment that is enjoyable to use. It provides fourteen class bases, including SEN and Asperger’s Syndrome teaching rooms, assembly hall, music and drama studio, library, information technology suite and administrative offices.

The two-storey building provides a well-balanced layout of accommodation and ensures plenty of hard and soft play areas remain available.

The building projects a welcoming image that is fitting for a new and progressive school. The sculptural form with overhanging wings provides the school with a clear and visible identity, whilst the use of a simple palette of materials gives a strength and elegance to the exterior. The envelope is restricted to white render, glazed units and powder coated aluminium curtain walling, with the balance between render and glazing intended to reflect stability and openness.